Monday, October 28, 2013


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Once upon a time, a senior colleague of mine had bought himself a new car. He was known as a slightly eccentric guy with a funny vocabulary and a weird pronunciation. This man, like all ‘new car owners’, loved his car more than he loved his degree or probably even his own wife! He would treat it as his little child; he would pamper and cuddle it, and would often brag about it to us. But he had made sure that nobody touched it in an insensible way, not even his colleagues, let alone any Tom, Mike or Harry of the campus! 

It so happened that during those days, an interview was being conducted for some new recruits and I happened to feature on the list of the interviewers, along with HIM. I was not at all expecting this but I had to go by the decorum and could not say no to the official notification. But I really hated the fact that I had no other option but to return to the city with him since the interview thing was taking really longer than expected. I was wondering what I would discuss with that guy on the homebound one-hour long journey to kill the time, not that I’m very garrulous, but given the fact that unlike him, I’m at least not boring! 

Somehow, the question-answer hullabaloo was over and we came out of the interview room. He told me to get into the car. Even before I had reached the point where it was parked, HE screamed from behind, 

"Madam, please sit in the front Seat, or people will think I am your Driver".

I was literally shocked at such a not so funny utterance although I chose to ignore the sarcasm. Just when I was trying to make myself comfortable on the expensive seat, the over-protective man asked me again, 

"Madam, did you ATTACH the door properly?” 

I replied in the positive, but it seemed he wasn’t convinced with my words. He requested me to close the car door once again. At that point, his over possessiveness literally killed me and I lost it completely. 

“Sure Sir,” I said, and this time, slammed the door really hard to assure him that it was properly locked. 

"Oh God!”, My colleague almost died of a heart attack when he heard the bang and looked at me with all the contempt and disgust on earth and only said, “ Madam, please be gentle, that’s my new car for god’s sake, it’s a brand new “ CHEE-BHRO-LETT-ISPARKK” (CHEVROLET SPARK)! 

My mouth almost fell open at the consonants and vowel sounds and I had no guts to reply to him... 


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