Wednesday, April 1, 2015


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Sorry I do not understand '-ism' s well. They confuse me big time and I consider them complicated concepts which, if not handled carefully, could make a heaven look like a hell and vice-versa. But I do understand what's just and what's not, what's Choice and what's not!
Homi Adajania probably forgot to write the word UTOPIA in the opening frame of his latest video. It's easy to speak of 'choice'(s) sitting in a posh air-conditioned room. A top notch celebrity actor can have varied choices but one size does not fit all. If I m unhappy in a relation, I'd happily walk out of it but why do I have to promote infidelity? 

I believe in marriage, live-in relationships, same sex marriages, and I believe in respecting my counterpart too! If I can have my choices, he can have his too. If I expect him not to force me to have sex during my periods (my choice), He has every right to expect that I should not expect him to gift a solitaire on my bday (His Choice)!
Yes, it's definitely my body and how I use it, shape it, show it. But how does the strap of a bra promote women enpowerment? And why did Vogue not make Sonakshi Sinha the face of this video? Is it because She's still in the process of becoming 'slim'? Is it not a paradox that the CHOICE of the vital stats of a woman who's supposed to speak on women empowerment / choices/feminism etc. is somewhere down the line the victim of the society's established norm of a beautiful girl who's not supposed to be FAT!
But before we try changing the way men look at us, let's ask ourselves whether we really consider every girl on the street wearing a short skirt worth giving respect? Hell No. We don't. We too call her a slut. We too spread rumors about her. When the ladies I know see me holding a cigarette or wearing a deep cut blouse or a blood red lipstick, they give me a 'look' and i do understand what that means!
The choices that are spoken of in the video, did we not know them before? Then why do we need a celebrity to promote them? Given a choice, would she, leaving all her bolly assignments, dedicate a year to educate the rural women about their rights in the remote areas of the land? No, she won't. Because her Piku's all set to hit the screens next month.
Deepikas have the Choice of returning home any time but sadly, Tasleemas are left with no Choice at all to return home.
‪#‎Her‬ choice, his choice too
#Her voice, his voice too
# Her noise, his noise too

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