Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am moving downwards
One step , two.. three

Down, down further
Where, I find

Fumes and ashes
All around
No wailing infants
No sweet lullabies
but only

bruised bodies
battered lives
shattered dreams
broken hearts
chained desires
dejected souls
defeated minds
ruined hopes
hazy thoughts
intoxicated love
facade of glitz
evil psychofants
dangerous liaisons
cheap incests
engulfing darkness
frightening silence
moonless nights
lonely arms
sleepless eyes
sealed wishes
never ending waits
Plagued emotions
numb relationships
dizzy mornings
lost imagination
torn pages
evenascent memories
forgotten UMBILICaL CORD

I shed off my skin
And reach deep down
Now , I am just a lump of flesh..
But they still call me
A Human Being(?)

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