Saturday, October 10, 2009

Literature Time

You know its literature time if.....
You dream of Shakespeare day and night
You can't help thinking about Beowulf's fight
Shelley, Keats and Coleridge haunt your mind
Even Milton chases you, though he was blind
You really wish to become a University Wit
Though you know you are a misfit
Just can't get Metaphysics out of your head?
Dont worry, Donne's long dead!
Can't choose between Dryden and Johnson?
Then you are in real confusion,
It's nothing, only -ISM
Chaucer takes you to CANTERBURY, and
You dream of becoming Spencer's FAIRIE
TRAGEDY, COMEDY, NOVEL, LYRIC- forms of literature
Just like LOVE and HATRED,all in human nature
Literature in death, Literature in Life
Not Only in success, but also in strife.
For whatev'r I wrote, I really dont regret
Because I believe in Do and Forget......

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