Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A woman has strength that amazes man; she can handle every trouble, and can carry heavy burdens. She holds happiness, love and opinion. She smiles when she feels like screaming, cries when she is happy, and smiles when she is afraid. There’s only one thing wrong with her, she sometimes forgets what she is worth…

Every year, all over the world we celebrate, with much pomp, “something”, called International Women’s Day on the 8th day of March. Seminars are organized, processions and slogan competitions keep the masses engaged in a day’s work, workshops on women empowerment are held and what not?

But the fact is that with many other days and public holidays over the time, this national day regress into being just another day of the calendar. We tend to forget what it is actually we are supposed to be celebrating, we barely give a thought to what there is to celebrate; the day comes and goes and life continues as it was before. It does not at all affect our lives, so where’s the point in celebrating a day without understanding its true worth or realizing its value in our lives, just in the celebration and making fun of the entire female race? Therefore, the vital question of the hour is when we know that this is going to be just another day of the calendar, what is the need to celebrate it in a gaudy fashion? Why do we need to tag a particular day as a Day for Women when we know that the world is nothing without them? In short, is it really justified to celebrate Women’s Day, worldwide?

I do not wish to sound like a hardcore feminist, propagating hatred against the men, but I strongly feel that celebrating Women’s Day is like reminding the entire mankind that womenfolk do exist on this earth, and just one day of the year is allotted to them as their Day to make them feel special about their existence and identity, and the rest 364 days, they regain their Exploited status in this patriarchal system of life!.

There is a celebrated belief that women are the fairer sex, actually implying that women are the weaker sex; and the first seed of being weak is sown by celebrating International Women’s Day. Otherwise, why don’t we have a Man’s Day, celebrating manhood? Well, I guess the answer is implied. It’s that we don’t need a special day for the Men folk because they know their worth; they are the masters and rule the world, so they celebrate each day of the year as their own, even at the cost of exploiting and suppressing their female counterpart.

But why does a woman have to be constantly reminded of her worth? Is she not aware and proud of being one? This is the 63rd year of Indian independence but has the Indian woman really become independent in the true sense of the term, compared to the men who are the law makers of our society? Has she been able to free herself from the clutches of the male dominance which constantly make her feel that she does not have any identity of her own? Can she proudly say that now she can raise her voice, without any fear, against the injustice which is being meted out on her by her male counterpart, called the Husband?

We take pride in the country’s woman president, a woman speaker of the Lok Sabha, a woman leader of the Opposition and a woman head of the Congress party, a woman astronaut that made the country proud, a woman IPS officer who is a role model for many, several paragons of beauty who have represented India at various platforms but the country’s Criminal Justice System has once again failed to pass a Daniel’s judgment and the interesting part of the story is that this is not the first time in the history of Indian criminal justice system! Like Bhanvari Devi, Jessica Lal and Priyadarshani Mattoo, Ruchika Girhotra is another name, now just a Name, which once again pulled off the mask of the hollowness of our judicial system which has literally become a “keep” of some powerful and influential male politicians who can twist the entire system at their fingertips that so that they are allowed to go scot free after committing any blunder which can even take lives.

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