Wednesday, February 3, 2010

life's like that

Life has undergone a drastic change for me during the last few months; in fact, my life was never the same right after 2007 December, the month, in fact the decisive month which changed my life completely, not for the good, but for the opposite.
But whatever happened to me during the last two years, has not made me break down, in fact, it has made me stronger and more confident, and most importantly has taught one very important lesson of life which all of us should learn. It’s that life doesn’t stop for anybody for this earth. Your life is solely yours; and only you have the right to make it go the way u want it to be. No relation on this earth is permanent. U meet people, u make new relations and after a certain point of time you become exhausted of the same, then you leave that relation in search of yourself, your own identity which has long been suppressed under the false pride of those materialistic, selfish relationships which last only till you are satisfied with the outer appearance of the people you are associated with. The moment the mask falls off, the fa├žade drops, you get to know the real side of the person, or rather the real man/ woman….whomsoever it may be. and its only then that you realize that that you have been confused all this time to have been in a relationship with a person whom you don’t even know fully……
Life does not remain a bed of roses anymore, n soon the differences start increasing making the circumstances worse n worse, so much so that finally one fine morning you wake up and break all the shackles of that unknown cumbersome bondage and just be free, just be yourself….
I never imagined that life has so many facets, that life‘s going to me show its true face..But it is said that whatever happens, happens for the good, I mean whatever god does for us, there’s some obvious reason behind it. And I think I have found out the reason. It has just made me more confident n mature, and more realistic. But nuptials have become a nightmare for me; seriously, I don’t want to get into any for at least next 2/3 years for sure. Let’s see what is in store for me in my destiny… oh yes, one more thing, during the last two years, I have strongly come to believe in something called destiny and its power, n now I truly believe that there really exists something called Fate whose games we are all subject to … it’s not that am into all those bull shit astrology and voodoo things, but yes, there is God, and god really helps those who help themselves. Now let’s see, how I help myself after surviving this storm, and in turn what kinds help does god offer me ……. It’s just a question of time n only time….. I don’t want to race against time, but surely along with it…..
Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows
Only time
Who can say where the why the heart cries as your love lies
Only time…..


  1. Nice read!! Keep blogging.

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  2. So much maturity,so much confidence,so much clarity in thoughts..dats YOU!Really lucky to have found a friend in u!keep blogging...n im gonna be ur ardent reader..


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